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One of the largest garments manufacturing factories in Georgia


Kutaisi, Georgia, Population: 200,000 people

MGMtex Factory

The company has set the highest the standards for sustainability

About Georgia

Free Trade Agreements

Georgia has a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) with EU so products made in Georgia are free from customs/imports tariffs in EU.

Georgia has access to a 2.3 billion market that is not subject to customs tax, including EU, Turkey, CIS countries, EFTA region and the People’s Republic of China.

Additionally: The advantages that Georgia offers to the apparel sector, include:

Geographically situated close to Turkey and less than a day's drive benefiting from Turkeys fabric production industry based with fabric lead times being around 2 weeks.

Competitive low-cost workforce – average monthly salary in apparel sector is around 220 USD (including taxes).

Short lead time production with transit times into Europe around 5 days.

Proximity to the large export markets including EU, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.

Experience - Currently Georgia produces apparel for world famous brands, such as: Tommy Hilfiger, Moncler, Marks&Spencer, Nike, Adidas, Koton, Puma, Mexx, Next, Autograph, Lebek, Dainese etc.

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4 emergency exits

Fireproof emergency doors

4 emergency exits

Ideal working temperature

Continuous fresh air supply – 80 m3 per worker

Ideal working temperature

Fire and medical equipment

The company has implemented the highest standards for safety & health of the workforce

Fire and medical equipment

The company has set the highest the standards for sustainability

Highest standards for sustainability

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